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Corporate Programs

and Lectures

Customized nutrition education for the workplace, organization, club or group on your choice of important health issues. All programs and lectures can be conducted virtually via Zoom.



Eating to Reduce Aging and Disease
Persistent, chronic INFLAMMATION is at the root of almost every illness—from arthritis to high cholesterol, to dementia and even cancer. Illness and inflammation is not inevitable no matter what age you are. Join me to learn what lifestyle and dietary steps you can take to reduce the inflammation in your body and your risk of disease. A Q&A is offered after the presentation.


Putting YOU Back Into Your Life
Are you lost in your role as mother, wife/partner, daughter, friend, or caretaker? Are you taking care of everyone but yourself? Ultimately, this takes a toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Discover simple and practical nutritional changes that can save you time, help increase your energy, and get you looking and feeling healthier in no time. A Q&A is offered after the presentation.


The ABCs of Healthy Eating for Your Preschooler

Proper nutrition during the preschool years can set the stage for the health of your child for life. Food fuels their bodies and their brains.

I will talk not only about WHAT to give your child, but HOW MUCH, WHERE, and WHEN to feed them.

Make sure you are nourishing your children as much as you are loving them!

A Q&A will be held after the presentation.

Take the Mystery Out of Eating Healthy and Staying Healthy!

Worried about our health care system? Concerned about the cost of long-term care insurance? Are you experiencing health issues, or are you in perfect health? The best insurance is good health! This program provides you with simple steps you and your family can take to get healthy and stay that way.

Nutrition As We Age
As we age, we need different nutrients and different types of exercise because of different types of health issues. The proper foods and activities can nourish and heal us, or aggravate and harm us. If we don’t choose wisely, we may be headed down a dangerous path. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, stay fit, increase energy, heal from surgery or a health crisis, or just plain want to feel better, it’s important to re-learn the basics of nutrition and supplements for where you are NOW. We will discuss just how each type of food, and some particular supplements, affect your body.


A Real-Life Approach to Eating Healthy
Do you want to feel and look better? Have you had some worrying blood test results? Are you suffering from symptoms of disease? Sensible nutrition is not about “dieting”—it’s about health, balance, enjoyment, and learning what works for you, as an individual. I will educate you on nutritional awareness, the importance of physical fitness, and the lifestyle shifts that can help resolve recurring health problems and aid in disease prevention. Take this first step to improve your health and well-being and finally feel good—even GREAT—every day.

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