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Spotlight on Success: Lisa MacDougall

In February, Lisa McDougall decided that it was time to recommit to changing everything food-related in her life, to getting and staying healthy, to being a role model for her children and doing it together with her best friend.

Q: What made you decide, “Okay, it’s time for a change”? A: I was feeling very depressed and tired all the time.  My skin was a mess, I hated looking in the mirror and I could never get dressed to go anywhere.  One day I had to take a picture to update my Linked in profile for a job search and I couldn’t believe my eyes – I was bloated and heavier than I had ever been.

Q: How were you sabotaging your health before the program? A: Lets just say I would power through that humongous ten pound bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups every two days – no joke.  I was always eating like it was a race to stuff as much food in my system as possible – without any regard for taste or how it made me feel or whether or not I was even hungry to begin with.  Even worse, it was like a vicious cycle of shame, feeling bad then feeling worse and doing it all over again.

Q: How has your health improved over the last year? A: I have so much more energy – my brain fog has lifted and I am functioning so much better all around.  I need far less sleep and the sleep that I do get is so much better. I have lost over 31 lbs so far, reduced my body fat by 11%, increased muscle mass and lowered my BMI 5.5 points!

Q: How did your relationship to your body change? A: I love how strong I feel – like I am feeding my body the right fuel.  I also don’t spend a major portion of everyday thinking about how horrible I look and feel.

Q: Did you face any challenges while completing the program? A: I started the program with my best friend which was crucial in the beginning especially – because when I had doubts or cravings I called her first.  And she would remind me of all your truisms – like “Food is fuel. It is not your friend or your medication.”

Q: How quickly did you start seeing results? A: I started feeling and looking better within the first week.  I felt clearer and the bloat started going away. I didn’t realize HOW MUCH BLOAT there was ALL OVER MY BODY.

Q: What were your biggest takeaways from my programs? A: Your program is very simple to follow – but even more is the way that you support learning how to take care of my body and mind in a healthful, realistic way. Q: Are you continuing the program even after the detox has ended? A: I am continuing to eat healthy and be mindful of what works.  I also still have a least one shake a day because they are such a yummy quick way to get all my nutrients in.

Q: What motivates you to continue to work the program? A: It is simple to follow and the continued RESULTS keep me motivated. I feel happy, healthy and clear minded.  Also – my daughter said she was proud of me!!!

Q: What would you tell others on the fence about joining one of my programs? A: Talk to anyone who has spent any time with YOU and we will all say the same thing – “”this is the BEST GIFT I HAVE EVER GIVEN MYSELF!!!!!!!!!””


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