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Nutrition & Me

I have been educating adults on eating and living mindfully since 2001, kick-starting their journey to physical and emotional healing.

My focus is on helping my clients achieve optimal health and wellness through individual and group sessions, behavior modification, and continuous personalized support. Practice and progress—not perfection—builds a strong mind-body connection.

Which Program is Right for You?


28-Day Cleanse & Detox Workshop


Restore your health. Replenish your energy. Rejuvenate your spirit, Reawaken your life. What better gift can you give yourself and the ones you love?


One-On-One, Comprehensive Nutrition and Wellness


Private nutritional counseling, blood-work review, supplement recommendations, metabolic assessment, exercise and meal planning with accountability and support.


14-Day Jumpstart



Kick weight loss into high gear, bust through a stubborn plateau, increase energy, learn portion control and even sleep better all in just 14 days


Restyle Your Lifestyle!


Lose weight, increase your energy, sleep like a baby, lower your risk of disease, calm digestive disorders, and balance your hormones—all in six short weeks.


Supplement Overhaul


Make sure you are taking the correct supplements for your health issues.

Weed out and upgrade to fuel and heal your body.


Metabolic Assessment and

Diet Analysis


A one-hour private session, discussing 8 different body composition numbers as well as food choices and long-term health goals.


Work with Me

It’s never too late to begin to make small changes and take small steps that make big differences in your quality of life.


If you are an adult dealing with specific health issues, if you would like to attain a healthier weight, or even if you're in good health, you can benefit from my comprehensive nutritional counseling and achieve optimum health.


Not Sure?


What are People Saying?


Debbie Curico - Norwalk, CT 

The 28-Day Cleanse & Detox Workshop

"...I was ready. I couldn’t stand to gain another pound, go into yet a bigger size, hiding from people and to hear I was borderline diabetic. Bit by bit the pounds started coming off, I had more energy, I could cross my legs and bend down! My husband loves my new body, my kids say I’m much happier, and I feel amazing! Loryn, thank you for changing my life..."


Caroline and Brad - Wilton, CT 

The Restyle Your Lifestyle Program

"...Our journey has been exhilarating and life-altering! In the 6 months since starting the program we have lost 112 pounds between the two of us. We’re seeing amazing results in how we look, in blood test results and in our energy levels and confidence. We have completely changed our relationship with food and we’ve learned how to make the right choices. Our success is a testament to Loryn’s approach and to her sincere thoughtfulness in how she works with each individual in her classes..." 

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Lauren Abrams - Weston CT 

The 14-Day Jumpstart Program

"... Loryn gave me all the information that I needed to get started. I felt motivated and excited for the first time in a long time. Loryn was there for me when I emailed her with various questions and support. I lost five pounds in 10 days, and I am on my way to a healthier me! There is never a right time to do a program. You just have to commit and say the time is now. If I can do this, anyone can do it!..."


Delia Petti - Westport, CT 

One-On-One Private Nutrition & Wellness

"... When I first met with Loryn, I felt like I could really succeed. My relationship to my body has changed exponentially which is empowering. I lost 3 lbs in my first week and 2.5 in my second, had less joint pain, less bloating and slept better. I was motivated and excited to continue losing over 30 pounds.  A year ago I saw someone’s testimonial like this and it inspired me. But there is no magic pill, no quick fix. It takes time, patience, love for yourself, grit, gratitude and honesty. 

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