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Private Programs Testimonials

Read what so many of my clients have to say about their journey whether it is virtually,

in-person; as a private client or in a group. 


At the beginning of COVID I began seeing Loryn because I found myself unhappy with my body and knew I wanted to make some changes. Loryn and I talked about my hectic sports and work schedule, how I hardly found the time and the desire to eat right and do proper workouts and even which vegetables I ate. That is where my journey began.

Four months later, I am  43 pounds lighter! This is thanks to Loryn and her virtual program which helped me begin the process of a healthier me.  I am thankful that I am now in a comfortable range of weight for my height and age. I never thought I would be so happy, in only a few short months. Loryn taught me skills that I will use for the rest of my life and showed me how I can enjoy all foods while being healthy and happy. – Kathryn S. Wilton, CT

I just can't say enough about how much Loryn has helped me through the 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM. I had previously lost weight on a popular weight-loss program, only to gain it back once I stopped. I thought the Jumpstart would be the same old counting calories, depriving myself etc...I couldn't have been more wrong! I continued with the program after the 14 days and within a month of working with Loryn, I lost 15 pounds. I gained confidence with my body and eating habits which I didn't previously have.

I understand the science behind what is best for my body through working with Loryn and learned that health is so much more than just that number on the scale. Loryn also helped me include supplements that my body was lacking and helped me improve muscle tone and energy levels, which is  

important to me as a full-time working Mom of two little ones.  Loryn taught me how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat to fuel my body. The habits she taught me were easy to understand, easy to stick with and will last with me for a lifetime. 

Loryn is patient, kind and empathic. She never makes you feel judged and is like a personal cheerleader, celebrating your accomplishments each step of the way. She was always available if I needed to reach out to her with questions between sessions. I highly recommend working with Loryn if you are interested in improving your health and finding a program that is sustainable for life. Loryn is the most supportive, educated and understanding nutritionist and will absolutely help you feel as great as I do! - Lauren Buckley, Monroe CT

I recently completed the 14-DAY JUMPSTART Program with Loryn. I stayed with it for another 2 weeks, then continued for yet another 2 weeks! In those 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds, which for me is a significant accomplishment as I am without a doubt a sugar addict. Food, cooking, and eating are a major part of my life. I cut out recipes from the New York Times, buy food that I don’t need and have struggled with weight my entire adult life. I have tried many programs with many different medical professionals, then I met Loryn. She is a magician, and her program is magical because it works. It is always challenging for the first few days but after that, everything fell into place, and I found myself “in the zone”! I feel better, I fit into so many of the clothes in my closet now, I have more energy and I am simply happier. I recommend the JUMPSTART whole heartedly. I will continue to be a participant in her programs as often as I can! – J.W. Easton, CT

After trying and failing every attempt at dieting, my cardiologist recommended Loryn. She gave me a lot of information, recipes, and suggestions of where to shop and what to buy. After that first visit, I made a commitment to myself and my family. Not only did I have to change what I ate, but I had to change how I ate. Loryn would give encouragement and not judge. With the tools she gave me, I was able to go on vacation, eat well, and I still lose two pounds! In four months, I lost 35 pounds and 17 inches. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Loryn to anyone who needs to take control of their health.

UPDATE: In the 12 years since I first worked with Loryn, I have had two total knee replacements and two hip replacements. While sitting around recovering, I gained back all of the weight I had worked so hard to lose. My cardiologist, he suggested I start taking ozempic for weight loss which did not sit well with us, so I contacted Loryn again who got me back on track. In November of 2022 I started her program and began exercising 4 to 5 times a week. Getting on her scale made it a life changing commitment. I was even able to stay focused on a cruise in March. As of June 2023 , I have lost  45 lbs! My cardiologist was amazed that I did it without prescription medications and was so satisfied that he started reducing my heart medications. Thank you Loryn for all your work and advice. —Bill Wargo, Stratford, CT and Palm Coast Florida

Two weeks before the COVID shutdown began, I started working VIRTUALLY with Loryn.  Her knowledge, common sense approach, guidance and support have helped me to achieve my goal of losing over 27 lbs prior to a ‘big’ birthday that was approaching. I find the program keeps me focused and Loryn’s feedback keeps me accountable.  I’m never hungry and feel so much better than I have in years!  Thank you so much for your help!! – Alyson Karpowicz, Wellesley MA

I started working VIRTUALLY, one-on-one at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine with Loryn based on a number of my friends’ recommendations.  Twelve weeks later, I have shed 22 pounds and I feel great!!  She makes it so easy, and while it seems like I am eating more now than I was before, it’s clear that I am making wiser choices.   I needed someone to keep me on track, and she does that, and is very supportive the entire way.  Thanks, Loryn!  – N.F., Wilton CT

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At the beginning of the year I quit smoking. Since then my life completely unraveled sending me on a roller coaster mentally, emotionally and physically. I had habits of emotional eating, anxious eating, binging, starving myself, eating for comfort and late night snacking. When I first met with Loryn, I noticed how organized she was and could tell she had a lot of knowledge and a systematic approach to weight loss and nutrition. I felt like I could really succeed by using her Individual, Private Nutrition Sessions. She showed me how to be aware of what I was eating and when, which was paramount. My relationship to my body has changed exponentially. I use to hate how I looked and would constantly 

shame myself. Now I’m pretty happy with it!  I feel much more connected to what my body needs than ever. Breaking the habits that I had formed over years and years was the hardest part of working the program but I proved to myself I could do it. That’s been very empowering. I started to physically feel and look better within the first 2 weeks. I lost 3 lb in my first week and 2.5 in my second, had less joint pain, felt less bloated, was sleeping better. All of this motivated and excited me to continue. With Loryn’s support, I’ve lost over 30 pounds and realize It doesn’t matter how many times I fail – it matters that I get back up, each and every single time. The truth really is it’s about the journey. A year ago I saw someone’s testimonial like this and it inspired me. But there is no magic pill, no quick fix to changing your life. It takes time, patience, love for yourself, grit, gratitude and honesty. It takes elimination of toxic people, swapping happy hour for self care, and connecting with your mind/body/soul. Anyone can do this once you stop making excuses and be part of your solution instead of your problem. – Delia Petti, Stamford CT

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I started off with Loryn doing the 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM. She gave me all the information that I needed to get started in our initial consultation. I felt motivated and excited to start on my new venture. It was the first time in a long time that I felt ready to take charge of my eating habits. During the week, Loryn was there for me when I emailed her with various questions, and she helped me through temptations that I normally would have buckled under. The program was a success, I lost five pounds in 10 days, and I am on my way to a healthier me! —Lauren Abrams, Weston, CT

UPDATE: Two years ago, I recommitted to a two-year health and fitness trend when I lost my job. I realized it was a good time to 

restart my life instead of feeling sorry for myself. I dove head-first into fitness, began learning a new trade and starting a new career. I learned to love working out and lost 25 pounds. And though I’d been working with you on and off since 2012, I still had those last stubborn ten pounds to lose in order to reach my goal. I decided to try the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX. Honestly, I have never felt so energized or healthy. I have lost a total of 35 pounds—I’m down to my college weight! I’m turning 50 in three months and feeling the best I have ever felt in my whole life! I have to say that there is never a right time to do this program. You just have to commit and say the time is now. If I can do this, anyone can do it. You can do anything you set your mind to…it just takes work, willpower, motivation and courage. - Lauren Abrams, Weston CT

What a difference 90 days can make working the INDIVIDUAL VIRTUAL program with Loryn.  After 3 months following her guidance here in Massachusetts, I have been able to drop 35 pounds. The best part of this experience was at my doctor’s follow-up visit and comparing the lab work before I began this plan to now.  Everything improved with just diet modifications and a simple exercise regimen. My glucose went from 106 to 94, hemoglobin A1C from 5.5 to 5.1, total cholesterol from 226 to 168, LDL from 156 to 111 and triglycerides from 120 to 74. And, I have been able to eat real foods that are filling and  satisfying and I never feel deprived.  I’m very grateful for Loryn’s expertise!

UPDATE: I am at the 6 month mark, 60 lbs gone and I’m feeling SO satisfied, never feel deprived, hungry, lacking in any food groups with the exception of sweets. I dream of a hot butterscotch ice cream sundae! But I know that was one of the foods that put me where I started. Still going strong!

UPDATE: 7 months and 75 lbs gone and loving every step of the way!

UPDATE: 9 months and down 92.2 pounds!
UPDATE: 18 months; down 108.2 pounds and still counting. 

UPDATE: 25 months; 117 pounds gone! Maybe this horrific Pandemic has an additional weight loss/health benefit silver lining for me… all the walking, some days 7-8 miles, has changed up my exercise and strength training routine from the pre-Covid19 era. I wouldn’t ever have given up my daily social and highly therapeutic gym routine of the treadmill, pool, spin and nautilus equipment for a walk or two. How many of your clients come to you with 100+ to lose and actually achieve it? I am so grateful you entered my world!!
UPDATE: 33 months and I have lost 124 lbs. I referred you another friend this past week and told her you are the real deal. You make this into a lifestyle not a diet. If I went into each day thinking I was on a prescribed diet, it would’ve been long ago over for me. Thank you, as always! – J.P., Wellesley, Massachusetts

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This past July I embarked on a journey that led me to better health. With the help of a great nutritionist named Loryn Galardi, my outlook on health changed. With each meeting, I learned something new. Her guidance has been invaluable. Big shout-out to Loryn for helping me see the way! — Cathy Cenatiempo, Norwalk, CT

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My PRIVATE DETOX program was absolutely amazing. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do this. I gained weight beginning last year when I decided to get healthy by not smoking. Unfortunately, I ended up gaining 20 pounds. To make matters worse, I ended up with two surgeries, and gained even more weight due to a lack of exercising and not eating properly. I finally said “enough!” and contacted Loryn. It truly was one of the best decisions I made. She taught me how to eat the right way. Not only was the weight a challenge, but my oral allergy syndrome prohibits me from eating certain fruits and vegetables. But Loryn and I worked through this. I watch the numbers on the scale continue to go down and it only  

makes me more determined. Loryn was so supportive through this all, as I emailed her every single day. Thank you for changing my life. Not only am I beginning to look better, but more importantly, I feel better and I definitely am much happier because of this incredible accomplishment. —Stacey Christoforidis, Norwalk, CT

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I’d been hanging on to an extra five to 10 pounds ever since the birth of my son five years ago. I would lose three or four pounds, plateau, and then climb back up to where I started. I also battled intermittent digestive issues. Loryn gave me a clear, consistent, and easy-to-understand plan. I followed it and lost 12 pounds and eight inches in eight weeks. My body fat dropped from 32% to 28%. My bloating and stomach issues pretty much ceased. I ate normal food, from normal grocery stores, and added back the fat I had cut out of my diet. I even planned for an occasional glass of wine. I would highly recommend Loryn to anyone that wants to look and feel better. UPDATE: I had lost 12 pounds in the fall, so I figured the

detox would help my “insides.” I have kicked the sugar cravings, am feeling good, and lost another four pounds. Sixteen pounds total on my 5’3″ frame is really noticeable! Thanks for all your guidance. —Anonymous, Wilton, CT

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I’ve lost 42 pounds in just a few months; Loryn is the greatest. I have tried other programs and they did not do the job. Her program really works. Just take a look at my before and after pics. I owe her big time! —Charlie Reyes, Norwalk, CT

There are not enough words to describe what you and the 14-Day JUMPSTART Program have done for me.  I feel wonderful physically and mentally from my new way of healthy eating. The highlight of my day is starting with the delicious smoothie and the remainder of the day just keeps getting better. No other program has worked as well as this new way of life. The weight keeps coming off and I enjoy every bite without any cravings for sugar or carbs. Thanks for all your help. I could not have done this alone. - Miriam Octave, Redding CT

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Loryn has a sophisticated and mindful approach to nutrition, weight loss, and better health. There is no calorie counting, measuring, or fake, processed foods to buy. She works in private sessions or groups, using cutting edge nutritional science and sound principles that work. Her nutritional counsel is a valuable, thinking-person’s strategy to a lifetime of good eating habits. —Tedd Weisman, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgery), Milford, CT


Many have inquired about my ongoing lifestyle change/weight loss/improved attitude towards health. Here comes the secret: It’s Loryn Galardi and her program(s)! After battling my relationship with food for most of my life, Loryn has helped me realize that my main issue is that I never learned how/why/when/what to eat. Needless to say, she has changed my life. For anyone who has battled their whole life without lasting success, I can honestly say that if she can help me and change MY toxic eating habits, I can assure you she can help anyone. —Gregg Feldman, Wilton, CT

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It’s been six months since I first met with you, and I hit a new low today: 159.5 pounds! I started at 189 when I stepped on your scale, and I doubted I would ever see the 160s. Now I’ve dipped into the 150s—actually below my goal weight. It’s a pretty incredible feeling. I don’t get tired in the late afternoons anymore; my clothes hang off me now—all good things. It’s so extremely empowering to know that it’s my DECISION to look the way I want to look, and I will always thank you for educating me on what I’m really doing when I choose to eat this or that. I follow your advice and don’t eliminate any foods entirely, but save certain ones for special occasions. The bottom line is when I have a choice (and I almost 

always have a choice), I choose to be healthy. And healthy, it turns out, can also be tasty. Who knew? —Tyler Kepner, Wilton, CT

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What would I have done without Loryn Galardi? Metformin, for one. Two: Worry about Type 2 diabetes taking over my life, like it did many of my relatives. Three: Endure mid-day fatigue, the shakes, dehydration—the list goes on. Four: Most importantly, model poor eating habits for my young son. As I write this, it is mid-afternoon and I have energy! This has not been the case in decades! I can’t believe how I bent and twisted my life around that mid-day fatigue. I can’t believe I didn’t consider once that it was bad/abnormal. I can’t believe I ever believed food label marketing; that fat was a guilty pleasure, and that I should buy margarine. Bottom line—I have made a radical change in my eating 

habits and haven’t suffered one iota. On the contrary, doors have opened and I am happier and more energetic than EVER! I should have done this years ago. —Joan Franzino, Greenwich, CT

I had been on a 15-year journey of weight gain and couldn’t even stand on a scale without crying.  Loryn Galardi came highly recommended by a friend who worked with her INDIVIDUAL VIRTUAL program. I was emotionally dying and ready to get back to life. I had tried everything from Crossfit, a personal trainer, a high protein diet, weight watchers, buying weight loss meals, but NOTHING worked. After 16 weeks with Loryn, I have lost over 35 pounds! I now know what to eat, how much and when to eat it, to get the weight off and keep it off. It has become habit and my family has also benefited. Working remotely is so easy as Loryn is amazing about responding to email and I can use her for life!  She has the right advice, suggestions, and can help via email when you are not sure about a choice.  She is super easy to work with and she is full of the best knowledge. She is there to be your accountability person, to help you with recipes (which are amazing!), to be YOUR champion and to give you back hope.  I had been beaten down to believe I couldn’t do this and I was a failure.  I realize now that it was not me but the advice that was the failure. – Holly from Massachusetts

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After developing digestive issues from travel and stress, I grew frustrated with the lack of sufficient answers from doctors and medication. Through working with Loryn Galardi, I’ve learned how helpful a nutritional approach is for the body and one’s well-being. After just one session with Loryn, and only two weeks on a modified diet and supplements, I felt healthier and happier than I had in over a year. I left her office after each session feeling confident and prepared to tackle my stomach problems in a more natural way. Loryn’s methods have proven to be a step in the right direction towards a healthier stomach and a happier me. —Natalie Dellinger, Norwalk, CT

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I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease after a routine blood test showed my liver functions were elevated. The cause could not be found even after extensive testing. I discussed a liver cleanse with my doctors, but they said, “don’t bother.” At that point, I consulted with Loryn to see if she could help me. I love sweets, and she explained how too much sugar can affect the liver over time. She suggested I do a 28-day liver detox program. I was willing go to any length to improve my health. I have lost a total of 18 pounds, and my liver is no longer fatty! Due to Loryn’s coaching, education, guidance, and wisdom, I am more conscious of how much, what, and when I eat. I feel great! THANK YOU LORYN!! —Bonnie Marini, Poinciana, FL

As a “professional dieter,” I could not imagine what Loryn could teach me that I did not already know. I had done every fad diet, followed many “programs,” and read every book. Still, I couldn’t lose or keep off 10 pounds. After working with Loryn, those pounds are gone and they are not coming back! She introduced me to a supplement program that is appropriate for me. Consistent meetings and emails kept me motivated. She has changed the way I think about food! —S.G., Westport, CT

My objective in beginning the 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM with Loryn was twofold:  I am facing hip replacement surgery I wanted to lose weight for a better surgical outcome and an easier rehab so I could bounce back faster; AND I had to get my clinical numbers down (cholesterol, glucose, A1C) or my doctor was going to put me on medication. So, I made a deal with my doctor—give me 3 months to work with Loryn and if, at the end of that time, my numbers had not sufficiently improved—I’ll take the meds. We did blood testing right when I began the program again 3 months later. After the initial 14 days of the JUMPSTART, I continued meeting with Loryn for individual sessions to maintain the momentum. Results? NO MEDS! I’ve lost 35 pounds and all the clinical markers are down within normal ranges: Cholesterol down 75 points, LDL down 63 points, Triglycerides down 28 points and Glucose down 29 points. And because of the weight loss I have much less hip pain too. I’m even sleeping better! I am continuing to meet with Loryn every 6-8 weeks to continue my healthy journey. – Anonymous, Stamford, CT

I was at my wits end with my weight.  I thought I was doing things correctly.  I was exercising a lot and trying to eat less but still the scale kept creeping up and the only clothes that fit were my yoga pants.  I had no desire to purchase a new wardrobe and I knew I needed help so I contacted Loryn about her 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM.  It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  In those 14 days I dropped 7 1/2 pounds, improved my body fat/muscle mass ratios, and completely adjusted my exercise program to one that works for me. I feel healthier, stronger, wiser and back in control of my weight and eating habits.  I’ve continued with the structure on my own for few weeks and have continued to drop weight and improve my ratios. I have now lost over 13 lbs but best of all, my new wardrobe was right there in my own closet the whole time! Thanks again for the help. I feel great! – K. R. Wilton, CT

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I’m so excited! My weight hasn’t been this low since November 2006. To say I’m encouraged is an understatement! You and your program are magic. I love all the food choices, and the supplements and protein shakes are working for my hot flashes. Thank you for taking me on as a long-distance client. —Carla Parks, Charlotte, NC

I am so happy that I have found Loryn Galardi. Prior to working with her, I had reached an all-time high in weight and lethargy. She put a life-plan together for me that made sense, and offered the accountability that I needed to stay on track. Loryn is the constant voice of reason and support whenever you need it. Without exaggeration, I feel like a totally different person—I have energy and I now understand the concept of conscious eating, as well as the benefits of exercising on a regular basis. So far, I have lost 31 pounds and an amazing 24.5 inches! I just bought new size 4 jeans! I was almost a size 14 when I started. —Martha M., Wilton, CT

My goal was to lose 15 pounds, feel better, and reduce the medications I was taking daily for several chronic medical conditions. After about 10 days, I felt 100% better. I was losing weight, felt my body getting “younger,” had more energy, was not tired, and generally felt great. The materials you provided were eye-opening and easy to understand. The supplements are a huge benefit. I was chronically toxic—who knew that the food I was eating was causing me to be ill? The best thing to come from this program was that after six months, I was able to eliminate the drug I was taking for rheumatoid arthritis. Five months later, I still feel great, am label- and health-conscious, and know what to avoid. Everyone could benefit from this program and I have shared it with several people who have seen positive results.

UPDATE: I am still off anti-inflammatory drugs (it has been two-plus years), and doing well, thanks to your program! I ran into a high school friend and she said, “You look exactly like you did in high school 32 years ago!” I am feeling GREAT at 50, and the compliments are rewarding! —Norma Stockmar, Stamford, CT

I spent 15 years of my life being obese, making excuses, trying and failing at many diets, finally tired of being “the fat girl,” and standing on the sidelines of my own life. Loryn has been an excellent guide on my weight loss journey. She works with your individual needs and is so supportive and knowledgeable. I have lost over 40 pounds and have learned so much about nutrition and health. I’m learning to be conscious of what I eat and why I want to eat it, to have a plan, and then try to stick to it. I feel such a sense of accomplishment having reached my goal, and no longer have to shop for clothes in the “fat lady” department. When I started with Loryn, I was a size 18. Now I’m a size 12. I will never go back to my old self again! —Maggie, Norwalk, CT

As a very busy working mother of three, I rarely have time to take care of myself. Doing the 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM

was one of the best decisions of my life. Loryn’s clear, well-planned program is not only amazingly effective, but made grocery shopping and meal decisions so easy. In such a short period of time, my energy was off the charts, I was sleeping well and feeling better than I have in years. I even lost weight without ever feeling hungry. I would have never believed all of this was possible in such a short time or that I would learn such useful information for my everyday life. Loryn is so gifted at what she does! I could not recommend her program more highly. This is absolutely unlike any other program around. It teaches you what works for YOU so that you can stick to it and feel amazing. Thank you, Loryn!! —Janie B, Weston, CT

I am being asked on a regular basis why I look so young and healthy. The answer is Loryn Galardi. I have lost almost 20 pounds in less than four months, and I am having no trouble keeping it off. I never feel hungry or deprived. I feel more energetic and strong and positive about my body. Loryn has an intelligent, supportive approach to nutrition that has done wonders for me. I recommend her highly. —Vicki, Westport CT

I just wanted to touch base with you after the wonderful 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM and all the other things I have learned from you. After returning from my recent trip, my weight had jumped up a few pounds, but I am now down a total of 10 pounds. Following the tips you gave me helped me maintain and lose the additional weight and I am very happy with my progress. Thank you for all the education you have provided me as you are the reason for my weight loss success. I believe seeing results makes you believe you can change your eating habits and actually lose weight. —B.S. Southbury, CT

Loryn is knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge in a simple way that makes sense. She created a framework and step-by-step process for me to follow. Loryn’s ways are not about super-fast weight loss or faddish diets. It is about moving towards normal, natural health, while losing weight all the while. I lost almost 40 pounds and 24 inches over the past eight months (better yet—three belt holes!). I was able to get off blood pressure and cholesterol medications, as well as diminish my use of one other medication (all with my doctor’s approval). Being so impressed with my results, two of my doctors asked me for Loryn’s name so that they could refer her to others. —J. Scott, Wilton, CT

Private Distance Detox #1: I was trapped in an intense pattern: strong morning coffee, grazing all day, frequent meals out, too many cocktails, and really intense workouts. I was not listening to my body at all. I’ve slowed the pace of my life and no longer feel the need to use coffee and cocktails to get me going or settle me down. The rest of my life has truly benefitted as well. I am more organized at work and significantly more productive during the day. My routine has undergone a complete 180. I am down almost 10 pounds, and I wasn’t even looking for weight loss. I could never have done this solo, so thank you for your support!

Private Distance Detox #2: I am especially encouraged by four changes in the past three weeks: 1) The early morning creases under my eyes are gone (I swear I look five years younger); 2) Pants that were too tight a month ago are now loose; 3) I am now running six miles without stopping (started at three miles with a few walking breaks); 4) I wake up happy and ready to get started on my day. I used to be a clean counter tyrant, meaning there was nothing on them except a bowl of apples and an espresso machine. Now, I like the “clutter” of lemons, squash, bananas, a blender, spices, chia seeds, cutting board, etc. Revolutionary! Thanks for everything! Once again, a life changer. —Alison, Maui, HI

Loryn's 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM helped me to get on track to start losing weight and eating better. I lost five pounds in the first week, and was shocked to find I was not hungry at all! The shakes were delicious and the meals tasted so good, I almost forgot how healthy they were. I have continued the good habits and am down 10 pounds in three weeks, but I am not stopping here! — N. M., Wilton, CT

This is the first time, probably ever, in my life that I just feel…great. I am excited for the future, knowing that there will be cookies, alcohol, and coffee, but only when I want, and sparingly. So empowering! I’m excited to be able to fit into clothes that I haven’t fit into for the past three or four years. Most importantly, I feel like an athlete again, which was a huge part of my identity for 14 years—something I lost when I started working crazy hours. It’s fun to see how inspiring I have been to not just my female co-workers, but also my male co-workers! Thank you again for your help and for giving me an awesome restart. 

—Keenan Koss, Southport, CT

The 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM was awesome and was the best thing I ever did for myself. The program refocuses how you eat. The shakes are filling and taste really good. Working with Loryn is so wonderful; she spends time with you and is there to support you—always an email away. I continued with Loryn beyond the Jumpstart and am feeling better than I have in a long time, and I’m 12 pounds lighter! Thank you, Loryn, for your help in getting me refocused and on my way to a healthier lifestyle! —Rosemary, Oakville, CT

I have learned SO much since I started with you. Going from a lifestyle that consisted of parties, smoking, drinking, and food being the main topic of every event I attended, to making food the last thing I think of. I also quit smoking, which was the best decision I ever made. I’ve also completely transformed my home—even my children and husband have started eating the nutritious things I eat and serve. I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t have done it without your help! 

—Hala Alkasm, Naugatuck, CT

I am so thankful to have found Loryn Galardi! After one short week, insomnia, irritability, and chronic fatigue no longer have a grip on me. I have felt on-edge and anxious for years, and general practitioners have been unable to find an “ailment.” Through diet and advice alone, I have finally slept soundly for the first time in way too long. There is no going back to my old ways, now that Loryn has enlightened me on the effects of my diet and how to make my body run more efficiently. —Kristin, Wilton, CT

Loryn helped me reach my goal in a matter of weeks. She was encouraging and empathetic, full of great knowledge of her field, but also the wisdom of her personal experience. She brings a lightness of spirit and a steady, guiding hand to her work that is invaluable when taking on the challenge of balancing the body-mind-spirit. —Katherine Silvan, Wilton, CT

After my first year at college, I could feel the negative effects of the “freshman fifteen” on my body. I came to Loryn to help me not only lose weight, but to also learn how to keep myself healthy while eating dining hall food on campus. In just one short month, I lost seven pounds, was sleeping better, and had a lot more energy! Loryn teaches you how to eat in a way that makes your body happy and keeps you full all day long. I am still working toward my end goal, but I am now confident that I will be able to succeed even while at school! —Cicely Reich, Ridgefield, CT

After working together for about six months, Loryn has helped me become a much healthier person through understanding nutrition and how eating clean affects my entire life. Simply stated, she is incredible at what she does. She challenges her clients, but at the same time provides the tools to meet your goals. I know there is no way I could have ever gotten as far as I have without her expert guidance. —Marc, Stamford, CT

I’m feeling great and loving everything I’m eating. One of my friends here at college was talking about how she’s on a diet and it’s awful. I want to share everything I know with her, because Loryn’s eating program is helping me lose weight and I absolutely don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Thank you! —Laurie, New York University

GOAL! I’ve been at my goal weight for about a week and am feeling really good thanks to the 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM

The shakes are delicious and filling. The information given at the counseling sessions has been helpful in learning a new way to think about eating. I’ve lost 14 pounds in eight weeks—quite impressive weight loss for me! —D. H., Wilton, CT

My weight-loss journey began once I finally realized that being 210 pounds and 5’5″ wasn’t okay. I joined a gym, got a trainer, and began eating better. However, I still had medical problems, stomach issues, and was only able to lose about 35 pounds. Going to see Loryn is one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in a long time. She is extremely knowledgeable and despite having to work with my many food allergies, has set me up with a program that works. Within a week, most of my stomach issues were resolved and have remained resolved for almost two years. Changing my eating habits and lifestyle has opened up so many opportunities in my life. I’m happier with the way I look, I have more energy, am performing better at my job, and am able to do more active things. I currently weigh 148 pounds, which is within about 10 pounds of my ultimate goal! —Erica, NYC

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