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Individual Metabolic Assessment and Diet Analysis

Vibrant health is more complex than simply one number on the scale.  

During your one-hour private session, we will discuss different body composition numbers as well as food choices and health goals.


BODY COMPOSITION: Scientists have been studying body composition since the beginning of the 20th century. Research has increased in the last 25 years and so has the accuracy and methods of measuring and analyzing these numbers. By measuring body composition, your health status can be more accurately assessed and the effects of dietary and exercise programs better directed.

I use a bioelectrical impedance scale which sends a safe, undetectable, electrical signal through the body via the pads of your feet. The signal passes freely through fluids in muscle tissue but meets resistance through fat tissue. This resistance is accurately measured by the impedance, or lack thereof, and the results are set against gender, height, and weight. We will discuss your body composition information gathered by the scale, which includes measurements of weight, body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, and more.

DIET ANALYSIS: Food can heal us and keep us healthy, or slowly poison us and make us sick. By using a few days of detailed food tracking, I will be able to analyze your food choices. Depending on your very personal health goals, I will help you make some important changes immediately that can reduce your risk for many serious medical conditions. This includes everything from allergies to weight gain, headaches to heart disease, fatigue to Type 2 diabetes, and more.

Begin your healing now with this personalized session.

One Session
Date and Time: One-on-one meeting scheduled at your convenience
Location: Loryn Galardi’s office in Wilton
Cost: $225

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