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Read what many of my clients have to say about their journey whether it is in-person, virtually, as a private client or in a group. 

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Private Programs Testimonials


I started my journey with Loryn when I was suffering with GI issues, was seeing a gastroenterologist, getting colonoscopies and 

endoscopes and other testing. The only answer I got was IBS. After suffering for what felt like forever, Loryn suggested a diagnosis, in which I had almost every symptom, but had never heard of called SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth).  My doctor said I was too young (37) to have this and wouldn't test me. Loryn insisted that I fight for it! Two months later, turns out, Loryn was right, I had tested positive for SIBO and began my journey to fixing my gut. 

Loryn changed my life. If it wasn’t for her I’d still be suffering everyday with this condition that often gets dismissed as an IBS diagnosis. At the direction of Loryn and now my doctor who realized he was wrong, I began the proper medication, the appropriate diet plan and some very pointed supplements to help support my healing. This new way of life has me feeling “normal” again thanks to Loryn. She has been a true teacher, healthcare professional and all around outstanding nutritionist.  Thank you, Loryn, for all you’ve done! – Gina D’Orta, Holtsville NY

14 Day Jumpstart
28-Day Cleanse Detox

Group Programs Testimonials


I was a tired, stressed out, over-fat, single, professional, Mom on the brink of type II diabetes and ready to make a new start. Since participating in 

Loryn’s Restyle Your Lifestyle and 28 Day Cleanse & Detox programs, my transformation has taken so many forms.  It’s not just that I am slimmer (even my shoe size shrunk!), but I’ve learned so much on my journey. Loryn imparted a wealth of current, accurate information with a very practical and personable approach. I replaced a slew of bad eating habits I didn’t know I had with healthy routines that I don’t think twice about and are now ingrained in my lifestyle. Without dieting, I’ve replaced

to 50 pounds of extra flesh with an abundance of energy and continually impress myself with what I can accomplish in a day. I sleep better, and, as a result I have a sharper focus and clearer mind.  I perform better professionally, and am more efficient.  I am less stressed, and am happier — more confident.  Most important of all, I am a better Mom to a beautiful 8 year old that can now lock her legs around my waist when I carry her. Walking into Loryn’s office on that fateful day in October changed my world. Thank you Loryn! — Debra Hopke, Ridgefield CT

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