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One-on-One Nutrition & Wellness

Individual and customized sessions help us gain a better understanding of your current health and keep you on track while working towards your goals.

INDIVIDUALS and PAIRS: Private sessions include in-depth analysis of health concerns, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, exercise information, metabolic assessments, meal planning advice, blood-work review, sleep analysis, and much more.

Weekly or bi-weekly mini-sessions are essential for accountability and creating new and healthy life habits and patterns. Shorter sessions include a metabolic assessment, food journal swap, and a brief discussion of the past week’s progress. Email support is also included for the duration of your customized program. Sessions are offered in person or virtually, via phone or Zoom.


* Pairs Sessions: Both people must be available to meet at the same time for all sessions. 

TESTIMONIAL: What would I have done without Loryn Galardi? Metformin, for one. Two: Worry about Type 2 diabetes taking over my life like it did many of my relatives. Three: Endure mid-day fatigue, the shakes, dehydration—the list goes on. Four: Most importantly—model poor eating habits for my young son. As I write this, it is mid-afternoon and I have energy! This has not been the case in decades! I can’t believe how I bent and twisted my life around that mid-day fatigue. I can’t believe I didn’t consider once that it was bad/abnormal. I can’t believe I ever believed food label marketing; that fat was a guilty pleasure, and that I should buy margarine. Bottom line—I have made a radical change to my eating habits and haven’t suffered one iota. On the contrary, doors have opened and I am happier and more energetic than EVER! I should have done this years ago.  — Joan Franzino, Greenwich, CT

Number of Sessions: Varies per your needs

Date and Time: One-on-one meetings scheduled at your convenience

Location: Virtual sessions via phone or Zoom and email OR in-person at my Wilton CT office

Cost: My fee is based on the amount of time we spend together in a session. This may vary from meeting to meeting.

           I accept cash, check, credit cards, payment through PayPal, Venmo or Bank-to Bank transfer.

To Schedule: Please contact me at or through my CONTACT PAGE

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