One-on-One Nutrition & Wellness

Individual and customized sessions help us gain a better understanding of your current health and keep you on track while working towards your goals.


INDIVIDUALS and PAIRS: Private sessions include in-depth analysis of health concerns, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, exercise information, metabolic assessments, meal planning advice, blood-work review, sleep analysis, and much more.

Weekly or bi-weekly mini-sessions are essential for accountability and creating new and healthy life habits and patterns. Shorter sessions include a metabolic assessment, food journal swap, and a brief discussion of the past week’s progress. Email support is also included for the duration of your customized program. Sessions are offered in person or virtually, via telephone, Skype, or Zoom.


* Pairs Sessions: Both people must be available to meet at the same time for all sessions. 

TESTIMONIAL: What would I have done without Loryn Galardi? Metformin, for one. Two: Worry about Type 2 diabetes taking over my life like it did many of my relatives. Three: Endure mid-day fatigue, the shakes, dehydration—the list goes on. Four: Most importantly—model poor eating habits for my young son. As I write this, it is mid-afternoon and I have energy! This has not been the case in decades! I can’t believe how I bent and twisted my life around that mid-day fatigue. I can’t believe I didn’t consider once that it was bad/abnormal. I can’t believe I ever believed food label marketing; that fat was a guilty pleasure, and that I should buy margarine. Bottom line—I have made a radical change to my eating habits and haven’t suffered one iota. On the contrary, doors have opened and I am happier and more energetic than EVER! I should have done this years ago.  — Joan Franzino, Greenwich, CT

TEEN TUNE UP: High school and college can wreak havoc in the lives and health of our children. Individualized, private sessions with you and your child can provide both of you with the tools they need to get and stay healthy in these extremely formative years. Being healthy is just as important as getting good grades and having great school experiences. Sessions are offered in person or virtually, via telephone, Skype, or Zoom.

TESTIMONIAL: During my freshman year, I either was trying to lose weight or I ate unhealthy all the time. There was no middle ground. I constantly felt sick, wasn’t exercising, ate processed foods, and didn’t get enough rest. The Freedom From the Freshman Fifteen was a great program that emphasized maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This class helped me greatly because I realized it’s not about depriving myself. It’s okay to have dessert once in awhile, but not every day. In a college setting, there are so many temptations with food and it’s so easy to gain weight. After taking the class, I feel confident in going back to school and making healthy choices so I continue to feel great without gaining weight. This coming year, I know what I have to do to be healthy, but also how to enjoy myself once in awhile. This class also taught me just how important exercise is and what exercises I can do at college. I know that this year I will do a much better job of maintaining my weight and feeling better overall.  — Madeline Vocke, Wilton, CT

Number of Sessions: Varies per your needs

Date and Time: One-on-one meetings scheduled at your convenience

Location: Virtual sessions for the time being via phone or Zoom and email

Cost: My fee is based on the amount of time we spend together in a session. This may vary from meeting to meeting.

           I accept cash, check, credit cards, payment through PayPal, Venmo or Bank-to Bank transfer.

To Schedule: Please contact me at or through my CONTACT PAGE

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