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12 Signs You'd Benefit from a Cleanse

Everyone living in modern society has a toxic load—even children, unfortunately. Our bodies were simply not designed to eat the types of food we eat, drink the types of drinks we drink, to withstand the constant stress we live with, or to sleep as little as we sleep. By beginning the process of mindfully changing our eating and drinking habits for just 28 days, you’ll feel healthier, happier, more energized and so much more. Still not sure you need to detox?

Here are twelve signs your body is suffering from toxic buildup and disease-causing inflammation:

1. You’re always tired despite getting rest—or don’t sleep well or at all. Constant fatigue and exhaustion isn’t normal—and both are a sign of adrenal fatigue, a condition caused by inflammation, gut bacteria imbalances, toxic buildup, and stress. Over time, these things can disrupt brain-adrenal communication, tricking your body into perpetual fight-or-flight mode, elevating your cortisol levels, and draining your energy. Adrenal fatigue is also responsible for messing with your body’s natural circadian rhythms, which causes unrestful sleep and insomnia.

2. Your sugar cravings are out of control. Can’t get enough of the sweet stuff? That’s certainly my problem and a big red flag that your body needs a reset. When processed foods are a regular part of our diet, they create unstable blood sugar and leptin hormone levels that increase our cravings for sweet. Detoxing helps break you out of sugar jail.

3. You have trouble focusing or remembering. Do you struggle with memory or focus on a regular basis? If so, you may be experiencing brain fog—the result of “leaky brain” due to a “leaky gut.” When your body’s natural detoxing systems are overwhelmed and can’t eliminate toxins fast enough, the buildup in the gut causes inflammation, which can damage the protective blood-brain barrier. Lowering inflammation decreases stress on the brain, and a cleanse rids you of that toxic buildup.

4. You’re depressed, anxious, stressed—or all three. Like brain fog, depression and anxiety can also be a sign of “leaky brain” and “leaky gut” which causes an inflammation-autoimmune response against your brain and nervous tissue. The physical effects from stress can begin to be alleviated by a detox. Many program participants report an increased sense of calm during and after completing the cleanse, as toxins are eliminated from the body.

5. Your joints and muscles always ache. Chronic inflammation doesn’t just affect your brain—it also affects your joints. If your muscles and joints are always sore (and not because of tough sessions at the gym), a detox may relieve your pain.

6. You’ve got tummy trouble. If you’re experiencing frequent gas, bloating, or diarrhea, it’s a major sign that your gut health isn’t optimal. A variety of things—processed food, antibiotics, and more—can interfere with our network of good gut bacteria (or microbiome), which can lead to everything from cancer to obesity.

7. You’re always sick—or have frequent allergies or cold sores. An unhealthy gut leads to a compromised immune system, so if you’re experiencing digestive trouble, you’re likely also picking up every cold and germ, responding to every allergen (no matter the season), or have noticed an uptick in cold sores. The sinuses are an extension of the gut, so when your gut is unhappy, so is your immune system. The same goes for cold sores—a compromised immune system can trigger the HSV-1 virus which lies dormant when you’re healthy.

8. The weight just won’t come off. Are you struggling to lose weight? Your gut may be to blame here, too. When bad gut bacteria outnumber the good, it leads to inflammation and a slowed metabolism. When you heal your gut, weight loss may just be a by-product of good health.

9. You break out often—or you stink (!) Do you feel like a teenager again with pimples and bad B.O.? If so, your diet may be to blame. Toxic buildup can overload the liver (your body’s main detoxing organ), and those toxins get purged by your skin, resulting in acne and smelly sweat. The same goes for your breath. If your body is sending you a stinky signal, it means you’ve got more toxins than your body can handle, and it’s time to cleanse.

10. Your hormones are out of whack. Irregular periods, menopausal hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, exhaustion, and an inability to lose weight are all signs that your hormones have been thrown off balance by toxin-induced inflammation. A detox helps reset your cycle and give you more energy.

11. You’re eating clean—but still don’t feel 100%. Even the healthiest eaters may benefit from a detox. Everyone responds to foods differently, so what makes me feel good may not be optimal for you. A cleanse and detox allows you to first eliminate, then mindfully add back foods to your diet, allowing you to determine what makes you feel great—and what doesn’t.

12. The very thought of detoxing makes you anxious. Does the idea of giving up your Frappuccino or bowl of pasta have you shaking in your boots? You’re not alone. Unhealthy relationships with food—whether you look at it as a reward or a punishment or both—are a big sign that a detox could change your life. The 28-Day Cleanse & Detox can help you identify your food triggers, begin to free you from sugar jail, and change some of those old, unhealthy food habits into new, healthier ones.

Would you like more information? Click here for more information about the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program which can be done with the group or individually.


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