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Spotlight on Success: Lauren Buckley

Amidst her busy and often stressful days, 38-year-old full-time counselor and mother of two Lauren Buckley realized that she just wasn’t making the time to take care of herself—and this lack of attention had resulted in flagging energy and unwanted weight gain. After other programs had failed, she signed up for the 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM where she learned what, how, and when to eat—and that healthy living is so much more than just a number on the scale.

Q: You signed up for my 14-DAY JUMPSTART PROGRAM after other methods didn’t deliver lasting results. What about the previous program didn’t work for you?

A: It was unsustainable because it didn't make much sense to me in terms of the science behind the program. I could simply eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted as long as I stayed within a certain "point range." It wasn’t teaching me what to eat, when to eat, or how to eat, so that eventually, months after going off the program, I gained the weight right back.

Q: How was the JUMPSTART different than others you tried in the past?

A: Prior to starting your program, I thought it would be the same old counting calories, depriving myself, etc., but I couldn't have been more wrong! You actually taught me how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat to fuel my body. I never realized that even though I was eating healthy most of the time, there was so much more to weight loss and muscle gain. You also taught me how to work out the right way, too. Before, I was doing mostly cardio and not seeing results. You helped me understand more about muscle mass and the importance of building strong muscles, especially at my age, prior to menopause.

Q: How quickly did you see results?

A: Within a month of working together, I lost 15 pounds—which felt great—but more importantly, I gained confidence with my body and my eating that I had never previously had. And by changing the way I work out to include much more strength training, I got quick results—way faster than by just doing cardio.

Q: You’re a busy working mom. Were these new eating and lifestyle habits easy to incorporate into your everyday?

A: By working with you, I was hoping to find a program that was easy to maintain, which yours was! You gave me so many food options to work around my lifestyle; it was easy to prep things ahead of time or grab snacks that we had talked about. I never felt overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to eat or deprived. The habits you taught me were easy to understand and easy to stick with. They will last me for a lifetime. I can't say enough about how much you have helped me!

Q: What else did you learn from the JUMPSTART apart from new eating habits?

A: You helped me understand the science behind what was best for my body and that health is so much more than just that number on the scale. You also helped me incorporate supplements that my body was lacking.

Q: Did you face any challenges during your JUMPSTART program, such as holidays, birthdays, etc.?

A: Yes. During my program, there were actually many holidays and big events in my family. I loved that each time I saw you, you would ask me what I had coming up in the next few weeks and we would plan how to eat/keep up the habits I was learning during parties, holiday meals, etc. It really helped me to stay on track and have a plan before each event. You even helped me with little things like how to pick the best options on the menu when going out with friends so that I stayed within the program guidelines, but was still able to enjoy going out to dinner.

Q: Did any of your new healthy habits rub off on your family members?

A: Yes! My mom was so impressed with my results that I not only referred her to you, but I also taught her some of what I had learned to help her change some of her own habits. My husband also benefitted from my new food choices since we were eating the same meals and lost weight simply through our change in eating habits and eating times.

Q: Having successfully completed the JUMPSTART program, what would you tell others looking to try it for themselves?

A: I would tell them that Loryn is patient, kind, and empathetic. She never makes you feel judged and is like a personal cheerleader celebrating your accomplishments each step of the way. I left each session feeling pumped up and ready to go and she was always available if I needed to reach out to her with questions between sessions. I highly recommend working with her if you are interested in improving your health and finding a program that is sustainable for life. Loryn is the most supportive, educated, and understanding nutritionist and will absolutely help you feel as great as I do!


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