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Spotlight on Success: Laurie Doering

Since 2018, Laurie Doering has regularly attended the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox workshops, gaining new insight into her health and habits with every session. Below, she details her experiences, how the format and group setting helps her stay on track, and how she continues to build on the progress she’s made during every detox. Once you read about her successes—with weight loss and beyond—you may just find yourself “daring to take the challenge” as Laurie hopes you will!

Q: What brought you to the 28-Day Cleanse and Detox program initially?

A: I learned about the program from a friend and decided to give it a try with hopes of “cleaning up” after the summer left me feeling faded, foggy, and lethargic. I thought the support of a group and becoming more regimented with my meals would reset my body. I am no stranger to cleanses and clean eating, so I was stunned to find just how transformative this journey has been!

Q: Committing to an entire month seems like a challenge. But you return again and again. Why is that?

A: Once I get started, it feels natural and I start to crave the healthier foods. I am amazed at how quickly my body responds to this cleanse now and how lasting the reset is for me. I always learn something different about my body, but eliminating certain foods still gives me almost immediate energy and clarity. The aches and pains go away, I sleep soundly, and I lose weight! An added bonus is that the weight loss seems to kick in towards the end of the cleanse for me & sometimes continues for weeks afterwards when I continue eliminating the foods that I know are toxic to my success. It's like something unlocks in my body and I release real fat. This cleanse is an integral part of my life. It's my gift to myself even though I usually struggle to jump on board.

Q: Aside from weight loss, how else has your health improved?

A: After completing the program for the first time in 2018, I not only successfully reset my body, lost a few pounds and learned some healthy principles of eating, but I was surprised to find how many other positive things resulted. I gained a quiet strength, focus, and power that energized me each day; I slept soundly through the night (!), minor aches and pains disappeared, my blood levels normalized, my dry skin patches improved, I got a great bill of health at the dentist, and I slid through a minor surgical procedure that even amazed the doctor! Those 28 days inspired me to create new habits and taught me how to disempower chemically addictive foods that drove my eating patterns.

Q: How has this program helped you build on the progress you’ve made in previous sessions?

A: I continue to see other benefits that I never thought would result from a cleanse. I respond more quickly to the detox each time and always learn something new about myself and my patterns. The basic principles of healthy eating are more habitual for me now and I can adapt more easily to everyday food challenges. My bloodwork stays more stable, I continue to have energy, and there is always something different that the cleanse helps with—especially as I age. I even pick up on different things that you talk about each week. Completing this again was invaluable as it gave me calm and focus when I needed it most. I even stayed the course well after the cleanse ended and have learned to navigate all kinds of challenges so I don’t fall off the deep end anymore! The Paleo Green powder is a staple for me everyday now. Who knew?

Q: What have you learned about yourself during these sessions?

A: I have learned about my food triggers, how important small snacks are for me, and I always hear your voice telling me to eat like a pauper in the evening. I am not perfect but when I fall it doesn’t trigger a complete sabotage anymore! My mindset has changed and regular cleansing has kept me on track. I’m not so hard on myself and know what I have to do if I have a bad food day. For my most recent session in 2023, I figured I’d jump in, reset my body, and move on. I’d done the program several times at this point, but surprise! The journey is so different every time. I decided to do a really clean cleanse this time so by week two, I was struggling and slowed down. Thanks to your email support and help tailoring the program to my needs, I stuck it out. Now I have lots of energy, fit in last summer’s clothes, and most importantly, am learning to better understand a not-so-perfect version of myself.

Q: What is it about the program’s structure that works so well for you?

A: Your daily emails, guidance, and the support of the group is what sustains me. I've learned not to have expectations but rather to listen to my body. The cleanse is so much more than a weight loss program; weight loss is an added benefit to everything else. It is a truly transformative experience in a different way each time. The program is not a diet and there is no “failing.” It’s a physical and emotional journey with guided learning and support.

Q: You mentioned that your husband cleansed with you. How did that work out for him?

A: He loosely followed the cleanse with me a few years ago. He lost some belly fat, had more stamina and energy and, like me, continued to cut way back on cheese and whole milk. I never would have believed that my husband would ask me to grab almond milk for his cereal or that he would happily join me for a daily green drink. I thought, “Who is this man?!” He felt great and didn’t get bloated every evening like he had for years. He got a stellar bill of health from his doctor and years-long joint discomfort vanished. He even healed from a major surgery quicker than predicted. This is such an important way of eating.

Q: Having successfully completed the program multiple times, what advice do you have for others interested in giving the workshop a go?

A: I would recommend this program to everyone; it is about so much more than just losing weight. After yo-yo dieting for years and years, I can honestly say that my body tolerates balance now and I know that you are always at the other end of an email. To others: Dare to take the challenge. It’s so worth the ride!

Thank you, Loryn, for being there. You know I’ll be back!


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