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Spotlight on Success: Delia Petti

Early January 2018, Delia quit smoking. Since then her life completely unraveled sending her on a roller coaster mentally, emotionally and physically. After working with me for 6 months in private sessions customized to her specific needs, she’s lost over 30 pounds and realizes that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail – it matters that you get back up.

Q: What made you decide that it was time for a change in your life? A: I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I was nearing 30, and after spending my 20s yo-yo-ing in weight, I didn’t want to start a new decade off in an unhealthy place. 

Q: How were you sabotaging your health before working with me? A: I got myself into some pretty bad habits. From anxious eating, to binging, starving myself, eating for comfort and late night snacking. Everyday I would start out thinking I could do well and end up failing. It was a vicious cycle that I thought I just couldn’t get out of. I knew I needed help. 

Q: What made you decide to work with me and focus on nutrition? A: When I met you, I first noticed how organized you were. I could tell you had a lot of knowledge and a systematic approach to weight loss and nutrition. I felt like I could succeed by using your methods. You showed me how to be aware of what I was eating and when, that was paramount. During our first meeting you asked me what a typical lunch was. I had NO answer. There was no typical anything food wise for me. It was whatever I could grab wherever I could grab it. How did I expect to succeed without a plan? I knew we would devise a clear plan of action. 

Q: How has your health and life improved? A: My life and health have improved drastically over the past year. I have learned how to eat mindfully, trained my body to want dinner at 530 pm, and learned how to breath through what I consider to be “food panic attacks.” I find myself saying yes to more – especially outdoor type activities. I feel confident going places and doing things out of my comfort zone because I have to tools to be able to succeed. I sleep better, breathe better, and find myself having so much more energy. 

Q: Did your relationship to your body change? A: YES. Exponentially! I use to hate how my body looked and would constantly shame myself. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly where I want it yet, but I would say I’m pretty happy with it! I use to constantly find myself hurting myself just by simply overeating and not listening to my body. I feel much more connected to what my body needs than ever. 

Q: What challenges did you face while working the nutrition program? A: Breaking the habits that I had formed over years and years was the hardest part of working the program. I quit smoking in January and started my weight loss journey a few months there after. I definitely had an oral fixation issue. It took some time, but I say confidently now that I no longer crave those late night snacks. I proved to myself how you can retrain your brain into just about anything. That’s been very empowering.

Q: Did it take long before you started seeing and feeling results? A: No. Within the first two weeks I started to physically feel and look better. I noticed less joint pain, felt less bloated, and was sleeping better. I remember losing 3 lbs in my first week and 2.5 in my second. I felt motivated and excited to continue.

Q: What are your most important takeaways from working with me? A: I would say to eat with the sun and in a mindful manner. Unconscious eating was and is still a huge challenge for me, and sometimes I still need that handful of potato chips or chocolate. But I’ve learned how to have these treats and still maintain this healthy, mindful lifestyle.

Q: You are so seriously committed to making these lifestyle changes. What motivates you to continue to work the program? A: The results and the freedom of feeling comfortable in my own skin is what motivates me to continue. There’s nothing that makes me feel as good as being confident to do new things!

Q: What would you tell others on the fence about beginning their work with me? A: I would encourage them just to jump in and do it! I would say commit for a month – anyone can do anything for a month. When that month is done, if they don’t feel better, then stop. I’m so confident in the process that I don’t think anyone would stop there! The truth really is it’s about the journey. 1 year ago I saw someone’s testimonial like this and it inspired me. But there is no magic pill, no quick fix to changing your life. It takes time, patience, love for yourself, grit, gratitude and honesty. It takes elimination of toxic people, swapping happy hour for self care, and connecting with your mind/body/soul. Anyone can do this once you stop making excuses and be part of your solution instead of your problem.


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