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Spotlight on Success: Kacey L.

Kacey lost over 30 pounds since completing her first 28-Day Cleanse & Detox and Restyle Your Lifestyle classes. The programs have had such an impact on her life that people stop her on her on the street and ask how she did it. Below, she details some of the positive changes her healthier lifestyle has brought her.

Q: When you started the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox, were you apprehensive at all? A: No. I really wanted to reach my goal weight, so I was in it for the long haul. I knew about your programs through a friend, so when I made the decision to sign up, I was ready.

Q: How quickly did you start seeing results? A: Within the first week, I was down five pounds. By the end of the program, I was down about 14 pounds total.

Q: What was the hardest part of doing these programs? A: I had to completely change my eating lifestyle, which meant I had to be prepared well in advance for all of my meals.

Q: What was it about my programs that kept you coming back? A: They taught me how certain foods affect the body, which was helpful. I realized all the bad habits I had; my addictions to sugar, carbs, and dairy were off the charts. Also, the programs were obviously working, so it was easy to keep coming back!

Q: Had you tried other programs or diets in the past? Why didn’t they work? A: Yes. I have probably tried everything, but nothing stuck because they didn’t teach me how or what not to eat.

Q: What long-term improvements to your health and overall quality of life are you seeing? A: I have tons of energy, I’m never bloated, and I have zero cravings. I’m no longer eating my child’s leftover pizza or mac ‘n’ cheese, and I no longer crave junk food. I plan on sticking to my new lifestyle from here on out.

Q: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about joining the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox and/or Restyle Your Lifestyle classes? A: Just do it. You will NOT regret it. As of today, I’m down 32 pounds and I feel fantastic. Both of these programs changed my life. Thank you so much Loryn!


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