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Spotlight on Success: Robin Lynch

Robin came to her first 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program feeling burnt out and hopeless. She had hoped to lose a little weight and regain some of her old energy, but came away with so much more. Below, she details her impressive journey back to health.

Q: What made you decide to participate in my 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program? A: A friend of mine did it in January and kept me posted on her journey, and her success made me want to try it myself. Initially, I joined the program with the hope of losing five to seven pounds, and that the weight loss would give me the energy to begin an exercise program. But with the nutritional education and coaching you provided, I far exceeded those goals.

Q: How were you sabotaging your health before the program? A: Because I did not want to gain any more weight, I was opting for a second iced latte instead of food. My body thought it was starving. I was gaining weight around my tummy and on my hips and thighs. I was exhausted and sluggish. I felt hopeless and had developed a “whatever” attitude. Once a passionate person, I could no longer find the energy to care about anything.

Q: Had you tried and failed at weight loss on your own? A: I was always reading articles and listening to friends talk about weight loss, detoxes, juicing, etc., but I would end up even more confused by the mixed messages. You put everything into actionable steps—your dedication to your clients is equal to none.

Q: How quickly did you start seeing results? A: After just two days, I noticed a very unexpected change in my emotional state: I felt powerful, strong, and hopeful. I was very aware of how I was in control of myself and my physical condition. I realized that I had been depriving my body in many ways. For example, what I thought was mental fatigue or aging was actually dehydration! I also learned that I was depriving my body of nutrients it needed to function.

Q: Did you face any challenges while completing the program? What kept you going? A: The weight did not fall off me. I did not weigh myself each day. In the beginning, I gingerly stepped on the scale. I wanted to know that I was heading in the right direction and that all the planning, shopping, meetings, and green shakes were working! I knew I felt good and wanted to keep it up. Your daily messages provided the perfect amounts of encouragement and redirection. If I missed a message, I felt a bit untethered until I found it buried in my inbox. Your program is work, but realistic to implement.

Q: What did you take away from the program? A: It is clear to me now that I do not tolerate dairy or gluten well. When I eliminated both from my diet, I immediately saw a change in my clarity of thought, emotional well-being, and weight loss in my problem areas. This is so much more than a nutrition and weight loss program. I also learned how to take care of my emotional well-being, treat myself with respect, how to free myself from bad eating habits, and how and why we choose to derail our wellness goals.

Q: What would you tell people on the fence about joining the program? A: You demonstrate a perfect balance of professionalism and sincerity in every communication, meeting, and quick response to all questions. I would recommend you to anyone interested in improving their health and well-being. Weight loss is earned through commitment to preparation of daily nutritious meals, to exercise, and to oneself. This is not a deprivation-based weight loss program. On the contrary, it is the result of education and implementation. I also appreciate that you want your clients to turn your programs into lifetime practices. I am simply thrilled with my weight loss, new skills, and energy levels, and am looking forward to another program with you.


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