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Spotlight on Success: Ashley Krauss

Ashley Krauss is a 35-year-old bridal salon owner and mom of two who, since completing her first 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program in September 2015, has gone on to do the program two more times. She is an inspiration to me personally and graciously shares her thoughts on why she loves a good 28-day detox:

Q: What made you decide, “Okay, it’s time for a change”? A: From the outside, I’m someone who looks really healthy. I’m young, not overweight, and I love exercising. However, a year and a half ago, I started to feel sluggish a lot of the time. It was two years after having my second child, three years after starting my own business, and not long after both of my parents had been diagnosed with medical conditions, that I decided to try the 28-Day Cleanse and Detox program for the first time. I was completely spent and wasn’t sure why. While all looked good on the outside, I had an inkling that things weren’t right on the inside.

Q: What were you hoping to get out of the Cleanse & Detox program? A: When I came to you, I simply wanted a reset. What I received was eye-opening and life-changing. The detox showed me that I had forgotten to take care of myself at the expense of taking care of my family. I also learned quickly how little I knew about proper nutrition!

Q: Since completing the program and maintaining your new, healthy lifestyle, what thoughts or advice can you offer others looking to do the same? A: I cannot stress enough that this is so much more than just a weight-loss program. It taught me that making my health a priority doesn’t mean I’m making my family any less of a priority. It taught me that how I feel on a day-to-day basis is 90% about what I eat. All along I thought it was about exercise! It taught me that all of us, no matter our weight, age, or gender, can benefit from improving what we put into our body.

Q: How long did it take before you started noticing positive changes to your health? A: The changes were almost immediate. The detox was a positive shock to my system, and within 1-2 weeks of starting, I noticed improvement.

Q: What were some of those changes? A: My skin was clearer, my head was clearer, and I was sleeping better. When I started the cleanse, I was also trying to get back into running after taking a several year hiatus while I had children and then recovered from having children. I ended the cleanse running two minutes per mile faster than when I started! I lost some weight as well, but for me, the changes were more in how great I felt.

Q: What about any long-term changes? A: Longer-term, the cleanse helped me improve my day-to-day eating habits and be more mindful of what I’m putting into my body, as well as how that translates into how I feel on a daily basis. I am still so far from being “perfect” when it comes to eating. I have the ultimate sweet tooth and I find it incredibly hard to resist a delicious dessert. But I like to think I do a better job of indulging less frequently and when I do, I don’t beat myself up for it and can go back to eating well the next day.

Q: What were your biggest takeaways from the program? A: It taught me that taking the best care of myself is a lifelong journey, but not in a daunting way. It also taught me to ask for help when I’m going through a difficult period rather than turning to food for comfort.

Q: This is the third time you’ve joined the Detox program. What about it makes you keep coming back? A: I have incorporated so much of what we do on the detox in my day-to-day life. You, Loryn, are a gem. Working with you over the last year and a half has been eye opening, inspiring, and exciting. I know this will not be my last detox and I so look forward to working with you again in the future. I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, patience, and expertise. You have changed my life for the better!


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