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Spotlight on Success: Debra Hopke

Last October, working professional and mom Debra Hopke came to me exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready for a lifestyle overhaul. In the year since, she’s not only lost nearly 50 pounds, but has transformed her eating habits and attitude towards food. Below, she details her incredible journey back to health.

Q: What made you decide, “Okay, it’s time for a change”? A: One year ago, I walked into your office a tired, stressed out, overfat, single professional and mom to an amazing seven-year-old. I had recently moved to the area and was ready for a fresh start. Truth be told, I felt like crap. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was a train wreck on the brink of Type 2 diabetes. Today, though, I am celebrating all that I’ve achieved!

Q: How has your health improved over the last year? A: My personal transformation has taken so many forms. It’s not just that I am slimmer and have replaced my leggings and long flowing tunics with a more fashionable and tailored wardrobe—even my shoe size shrunk—but I’ve learned so much on my journey. Without dieting, I’ve replaced 47 pounds of extra flesh with an abundance of energy and continually impress myself with what I can accomplish in a day. I sleep better, and as a result, have a sharper focus and clearer mind. I perform better professionally and am more efficient. I am less stressed, happier, and more confident. And most importantly, I am a better mom to my beautiful eight-year-old daughter, who can now lock her legs around my waist when I carry her. There are so many benefits to a healthier lifestyle!

Q: How did your relationship to your body change? A: During my journey, I gained a great respect for my body and learned how to listen to what it was telling me. It no longer yells at me! There are so many consequences to even the smallest changes we make in our lives.

Q: How were you sabotaging your health before the program? A: When I first came to you, I really thought I KNEW a lot about healthy eating—I wasn’t always overfat. But, facts about nutrition have changed over the years, and there is an overwhelming amount of nutrition information and fad diets to wade through. Also, my body isn’t the same. It doesn’t function the way it once did and its purpose has changed. Now there are so many different stresses and challenges for it to overcome, and it was important for me to adapt my lifestyle to its changed needs.

Q: What were your biggest takeaways from my programs? A: You’ve imparted such a wealth of current, accurate information with a very practical and personable approach. I learned how to apply a lot of the things that I already knew to MY lifestyle, but I also learned a ton of new information. By heeding your simple and actionable advice, I implemented some great eating habits that are now ingrained in my lifestyle. I replaced a slew of bad eating habits I didn’t know I had with healthy routines that I now don’t even think twice about. I also practice mindfulness when selecting and enjoying the foods that I do eat. I appreciate the importance of planning, and can quickly adapt when a busy Saturday throws me a scheduling curveball.

Q: What would you tell others on the fence about joining one of my programs? A: Walking into your office on that fateful October day changed my world. I have since participated in many of your programs, including the Restyle Your Lifestyle and Back to Basics programs, and I just finished a 28-Day Cleanse & Detox. I fully intend to continue my journey with you as my healthy lifestyle coach because your programs aren’t unsustainable quick-fixes. They’re about lifestyle changes and choices, and they work because they’re simple, practical, and actionable. Thank you, Loryn—I am so glad our paths have crossed!


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