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Spotlight on Success: Nancy Arias

Nancy Arias kicked off 2018 with the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program and hasn’t looked back. Here’s how that first month transformed the rest of her year—and her life.

Q: What made you decide, “Okay, it’s time for a change”? A: I realized it was time for a change when I saw a photo of myself and looked so bloated. I stepped on the scale to discover that I had gained 21 pounds! Of course, I was regularly wearing yoga pants as my jeans hadn’t fit in a while. I was tired, thirsty, and hungry all the time. I wasn’t sleeping well, my stomach hurt, and I had constant headaches.

Q: How long did it take before you started noticing positive changes to your health? What were some of those changes? A: I started out with the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program in January 2018, and within the first ten days of eating clean, I was already feeling so much better. My skin improved, the belly bloat had disappeared, and my energy level was soaring. I lost a total of 13 pounds during the program and slowly but steadily lost another seven over the course of the next five months. I started going to the gym again and have a sense of confidence that I haven’t felt in years. Even my kids have commented on how great I look and feel.

Q: Committing to a lifestyle overhaul is a big deal. Did you have any concerns before starting the program? A: I thought I would miss the bread, sugar, and cheese during the detox, but I didn’t! The program was easy to follow and that first week of clean eating gave me a whole new appreciation for what’s good for my body.

Q: What did you learn about yourself? A: My relationship to my body changed 100 percent. I’m so much nicer to myself. You are right in that diets don’t work for the long haul—it’s about life changes. And these changes have transformed my life. Sure, every once in a while, I eat pizza or ice cream or have a bowl of spaghetti, but you taught me that it’s still okay to splurge every once in a while and to do it without guilt.

Q: What motivates you to stick to your new lifestyle? A: I have so much more energy and no longer spend every hour thinking about what I’m going to eat next. You taught me that by eating regularly and not getting too hungry, making sure I include protein and veggies at each meal or by having a protein shake, I will feel so much better than I did when I was eating all those icky, processed foods.

Q: Tell me what your biggest takeaways from the program were. A: For me, slow and steady was the key, along with being kind to myself and not beating myself up when I slipped. It’s been a very liberating ten months! I even just bought new jeans—I went from a size 27 to a size 25, that’s a total of 20 lbs lost—wahoo!

Q: Having successfully completed the 28-Day Cleanse & Detox program and maintained your new, healthy lifestyle, what advice do you have for others who might be on the fence? A: Jump off the fence and trust Loryn. This program is the best one I’ve ever done, and I still have my daily glass of Alkaline broth using the PaleoGreens—what I call “Liquid Health.”

Thank you Loryn, for showing me the way to a happy, healthy body—emotionally and physically. At 56, I feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years!


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